Honors Association recruits

Clarion, Pa.- In an effort to recruit more members and spread word about its new programs and changes coming soon, the Student Honors Association plans to host a game night March 24 at 6 p.m. in Room 243 of the Grunenwald Science and Technology Center.

According to CU Connect, the Student Honors Association (SHA) serves as “the central government of the Honors Program here at Clarion University.”  Although called Student Honors Association and having many members involved with the Honors Program, the club is also open to any students on campus who would like to focus on building leadership skills and volunteering to serve the local and larger communities.

SHA has participated in many charity events for organizations including Relay for Life, Food for Friends and Haunted Dorms to help raise money for several charities. These charities include the American Cancer Society and The Susan G. Komen Foundation. On top of the club’s regular meetings, plans for a Color Run on campus are also in the works.  Proceeds from the run are going to benefit the local dog shelter, and anyone can participate. The plans will be addressed at the upcoming game night.  “Pigments for Puppies” is the planned name for the event.

Board games and food will be provided at the event.  It will be a fitting time for new members to join, as SHA is evolving into a club with a larger focus toward helping the university and providing outreach with the non-honors crowd. 

Soon to be called a chapter of the Golden Key International Honor Society, SHA plans to be open to all students on campus. Student input from around campus is an important aspect of club practices, and those who join now may also reap the benefits of new scholarships in upcoming semesters if they become active in SHA’s community service endeavors.

Honors students like SHA Vice President Eric Zavinski (left) and non-honors students are welcome to join the Student Honors Association.
Honors students like SHA Vice President Eric Zavinski (left) and non-honors students are welcome to join the Student Honors Association.

An exciting project that is in its beginning stages is the introduction of Honors Program mentors to the overall student body. The objective is to provide the Clarion students with someone who can help them in all aspects of life: academic, socially or otherwise. These mentors will be available to all students and will give them advice and opportunities to be successful in their futures.

Mentors offered by SHA are not the same mentors from the Honors Program mentorship system, where Honors Program students exclusively take incoming Honors freshmen under their wings.  SHA members can be both however, so mentoring experience in the club is considerable.

The Thursday night event will be full of fun and food and is open to anyone seeking more information about this organization. It will give students a chance to speak with the SHA officers and mingle with the organization members. This will hopefully give the campus a better understanding of what SHA has to offer.

When asked about the main goal of this meeting, President Brandon Nielsen described it as “an outreach event to show the rest of the campus what Student Honors Association is about.”

Although SHA members will be in attendance, Nielsen wanted to stress that this is an outreach event, and all students are encouraged to attend.  SHA meets every Thursday at 6 p.m. in the STC first floor lobby. More information is available from Nielsen at B.M.Nielsen@eagle.clarion.edu or SHA Vice President Eric Zavinski at E.A.Zavinski@eagle.clarion.edu.

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