COBAIS offers students opportunity to gain experience in Costa Rica

This summer, the Clarion University College of Business Administration and Information Sciences is offering a study abroad program in Costa Rica to all Clarion students.

Students will depart from the U.S. on July 30 and will return on August 17. While studying abroad, the students will be staying in the Casa Universitaria at the University of Costa Rica.

Dr. Sandra Trejos, a professor of Economics at the College of Business Administration of Clarion University, is also the coordinator of this trip.

“The students become internationally wise,” said Trejos. From living in a different culture,]\students will be able to  gain experience.

Trejos explained that this will help students prove to employers that they are able to roll with the punches and adapt to different situations.

Sending students to Costa Rica isn’t an abnormal event for COBAIS, seeing as seven students were sent just this past summer as well. Along with attending class, the chosen students traveled to a torilla factory, a bilingual school, and even ziplined through the rainforest.

Students become able to appreciate differences in the world and grow as a person, all while gaining three credits in the Global Travel Seminar (BSAD 237).

“It is a humbling experience for the students,” Trejos said.

Students of all majors will be able to gain something academically. They are required to keep a journal and, at the end of the course, turn in a paper pertaining to Costa Rica and their individual major.

While studying abroad, the students will tour many different places in different cities all over Costa Rica, such as the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and the Monteverde National Park.

Apart from touring and class time, there will be personal time available to relax or visit the beach.

Studying abroad in Costa Rica will be advantageous to any student who decides to partake in it. They will be able to explore the country, learn about another culture outside the U.S., and hopefully, as Dr. Trejos said, “see the good in different.”

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