Career Services welcomes students to new location, hopes provide guidance them through job search process

Clarion University of Pennsylvania offers many resources other than education to support students on their journey toward a successful career.

The Center for Career and Professional Development at Clarion specializes in research, experience and preparing students through a  four-year career action plan.

The action plan is a specific checklist for the student that includes a series of workshops, informational tables and meetings to individualize the process for that particular student. Although there are not restrictions for the action plan, students are advised to start freshman year.

Clarion’s Career Service Assistant Director/College of Business and Information Sciences Liaison Erin Lewis said, “By working with us from the time they get here as a freshman, [students] can take advantage of all of our job fairs, our resources, employers that come to information tables and take advantage of all of that. The center helps with preparing students to start their application process with employers in their career.”

The center prepares students for the process of job hiring and going into the “real world” by focusing specifically on the ways the students can advance their skills to get the job. The process can be intense, but the action plan assists students to be job ready by the time they leave.

Lewis said, “It’s like studying for a big final, you don’t start the night before; instead, you should be studying a little bit over time. It can be overwhelming and seniors look at [the career action plan] like ‘I have to do this all at one time?’ But if we work with you every year, we should be best friends by the time you leave.”

Although resources can be found virtually on, the center invites students to personally visit in 419 Becht Hall.

Career Services’ Coordinator/ Career Mentoring and Internships for COBAIS Josh Domitrovich said, “The individual face-to-face action is crucial for the developmental aspect, as we coach you through this navigation of life, on the career related side, everything can be accessed online. We have a new system that we have the ability to be one-on-one with people virtually to give that human touch during the process.”

The career action plan checklist is also known as the “GPS for Success.”

Domitrovich said, “If you’re doing these things every single year that are outlined, you’re going to be ready to go for the job process for graduation. We bring employers on campus for informational tables, and informational sessions for job fairs on and off campus. We cater to prospective students, graduate students and alumni.”

Associate Director/Employer Relations, School of Education Liaison Diana Brush said, “Students should plan far enough in advance because they never know what opportunity is going to present itself to network. We encourage students to explore many opportunities like the job fairs or informational tables.”

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