New friends, traveling on a budget

The people I have met thus far in Ireland have been very nice and extremely helpful.  Passing people on the street, I never feel at harm.

At one point, I was offered directional help (clearly I looked as lost as I felt) on a busy street where it seemed like everyone was in a hurry. As long as they know where you are trying to get to, the people seem more than happy to stop in order to point you the right way.

Besides the random pedestrians, the public workers are very helpful, too. In America, waiters and waitresses tend to be pleasant in order to get a good tip.  However, services tips are not custom here.  Without looking for an assentive, workers are just generous and kind. I have no complaint with any service I have received here.

At Dublin Business School, most students are actually study abroad students.  Therefore, I have been blessed to meet students from all over the world including France, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland and Germany. With that said, I have gotten to hear a lot of different cultural views.

I have picked up on that the Germans like a precious outline and stick to a strict schedule, the French tend to talk a lot and are laid back  and Swedens tend to be focused. With all their differences, most of the students have traveled all throughout Europe.

However, the one place many of them have not been, but are highly fascinated with, is America.  When I introduce myself and say I am from America, the typical reaction is “Oh really,” with widened eyes and the questions tend to pour out.

The main reason students are able to travel around Europe so frequently is because of the mass amount of public transportation available, which makes it cheap to get from place to place.

I was actually able to buy a returning flight ticket from Dublin, Ireland to Glasgow, Scotland for only 10 euros! That is equivalent to $11.14.   I am also going to Paris and Amsterdam during my semester abroad in additional to all over Ireland.


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