Clarion student starts photography campaign, brings community together

Megan Foster, a graduate from Clarion University, has created an extraordinary way to show and tell the community in Clarion through her photography campaign “Let’s Try This Angle.”

She has created “Let’s Try This Angle,” a popular Facebook page as a farewell gift for the students and faculty of Clarion University.

Foster said, “I want to do this and continue to do this for the Clarion community, as a thank you for what this place and these people have done for me.”

The start of her quickly growing hobby came from the project of New York City’s, “Humans of New York.” The name, “Let’s Try This Angle” came to her easily because it is such a common and casual saying.

Influences in Foster’s life, such as her mom, friends and professors, have given her the inspiration for this project.

Foster has worked with the Social Media Round Table here at the university and many other social photographers.

She has obtained a great amount of different experiences in her work of photography, like covering big events on campus since the start of her project campaign.

Foster hails from New Brighton Pa. and is a library science major in her last semester at the university.

She also has a great interest, experience and passion in martial arts. Foster says, “If it wasn’t for martial arts I probably wouldn’t have came to Clarion.”

She has been practicing martial arts for 13 years, receiving a black belt and continues to strive to improve.

Foster believes that people love discovering stories and learning about the people that keep Clarion going. She has helped the faculty and students who are the foundation of Clarion come out of the woodwork and let everyone see who is dong the work behind the scenes.

“Let’s Try This Angle” took off right from the start and has become very popular in a short period of time. She wants people to know not to be afraid to share your life with others.

Foster encourages people to come to her or contact her through her Facebook page at “Let’s Try This Angle”- Foster’s Photography to be a candidate for “Let’s Try This Angle.”

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