Clarion softball comes into season with young, hard-working roster

As the seasons begin to transition to a new, so does Clarion’s sport schedules.

As spring approaches, so does the start of anothers softball season.

Last season wasn’t a stellar one for the Golden Eagles, as they finished 6-31 overall.

However, it’s a fresh start for the ladies, and there is good reason to be optimistic for the 2016 season.

As junior Casey Wilcox mentions, “We have a lot of underclassmen that will be seeing playing time this year.  All those younger girls have a lot of passion and drive. In my opinion, we can match up with anyone. We have the heart. We know what we are capable of accomplishing this year and we are ready to shock some people in the PSAC.”

Wilcox continues, “We have lost and gained so many different personalities over the years. One thing has always been constant. When you play for Clarion softball, you are part of a family. You succeed because there are 14 girls behind you busting your butt. We are starting to make a splash in the PSAC and that’s because of the heart and soul of the girls who have come and gone in the program and who continue to fight to make a name for Clarion.”

Wilcox also said, “I know I sound like a broken record, but we have the opportunity to be a threat in the PSAC. I truly believe that we can double our wins from the previous season and then some if we play the way I know we can. We are our own worst enemy. But if we can find our consistency, we can to continue to push this program to raise its wins standard.”

Christina Tressler hits a ball towards center field. Archive Photo / The Clarion Call
Christina Tressler hits a ball towards center field.
Archive Photo / The Clarion Call

All of this is one result of different preparation going into the season.

Wilcox mentions, “We are utilizing more live hitting than ever before. What I mean is, that our pitchers throw to our hitters, almost every day. This is so beneficial. Sometimes the only live pitching you see is the first game, but our pitching staff is pushing our hitters through their weaknesses and facilitating great at bats for our hitters.”

Wilcox said the keys to the season will be, “We are not a powerhouse team. So our quality at bats are huge. We have to be the team that makes other teams work. We have to be willing to do the little things, like small ball, hard contact, pushing defensives on the base path, making the routine plays so we have the opportunity to make the hard ones. It’s a game of throw and catch and we have to be the most fundamentally sound team in the PSAC. When we do that, watch out.”

Clarion’s first home game of the season is on April 1 against IUP.

The opening season tournaments and four road games start on March 19 at California University of Pennsylvania, and ends on March 26 at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

A full schedule is available on Clarion’s website.

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