Tales of timlieness in Ireland

Irish tend to be late.  In class, my professors tend to make comments that you can tell who are study abroad students based on who arrive.

I was warned on my arrival that if I were to make plans with an Irish to meet somewhere, that it would be polite to send a reminder text or that person would not show up.  Also, if I were on strict time frame to ask the Irish person to meet early, that way they would arrive at the original intended time and I would not be left waiting.

The main reason tourists visit has to be because of the natural beauty the island has to offer. Each region of the country has a different attraction. Dublin is a mixture blend of ancient and modern architecture.

The major city is the only place where the American time conscoiousness is present. In other areas, the European culture of taking your time is strongly present.

Throughout the country, there is a vast difference in nature. Ireland is very small and is easy to travel around.  During travels, you will be able to see rolling green fields with stone walls built to keep the sheep in territorial boarders, mountain ranges with rams along the side and snow on the tops, rigid cliffs with ocean waves crashing against the sides, or beaches with impacted sand and green grass surrounding the banks in just one day’s journey.

Another beauty to see are the animals.  There are no bears, lizards, rabbits, mosquitoes or even snakes in Ireland. Instead, there are plenty of sheep, rams, donkeys, horses, swans and bulls. Driving around in Ireland, you are bound to find these animals just out the window.

Ireland also has a lot of creatures not common to America.  For example, there are exotic birds, like puffins around the cliff sides, and it is common to see sea lions and seals not far from the fishing pears.

Along with being able to see the different landscape and animals all within one day, it is not unusual to see all the seasons in one day as well.  Just because it is sunny in the morning doesn’t mean it won’t be hailing in two hours, then go back to being sunny for the rest of the day until it rains for the entire night.  The weather is unpredictable, but always prepare for it to be cold.

Heating is very expensive; so many places keep the use of the heater to a minimal.  Therefore, even when you are inside, it is still cold.

Also, the use of heat is pointless in some places, like stores, because they tend to leave the store front doors open.  I assume it is to encourage entrance to passing customers, but that just means the cold air is constantly drifting inside.

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