Communication major takes on Disney summer internship

As finals are finishing up and summer rolls around, the next thing on the list for every college student: eagerly searching for an internship.

Standing out from the crowd, junior strategic communication major Drew Heisey did just this, but found one in a much sunnier state.

Recently, Heisey was accepted into the Disney College Program, a paid internship available to chosen college students who are able to both earn money and credits while working and taking college courses during their stay in Disney World located in Orlando, Fl. “I have always wanted to do this program. I saw this as my-foot-in-the-door type of deal, to get my name out there to the company,” says Heisey.

Heisey has the opportunity to work in one of the four parks in Walt Disney World or at any of the hotels on Walt Disney World property; however, he hopes to work in Hollywood Studios, one of his favorite parks at Walt Disney World.

Putting his communication skills to the test 30-45 hours a week, Heisey will be completing tasks such as interacting with Disney vacationers, adjusting to his new environment and competing with his 12,000 fellow summer student employees. Working in Promotions for Eagle Media Productions at Clarion, Heisey hopes to apply his experience to the Disney College Program.

Beginning Aug. 22 and ending on Jan. 5, the Disney College Program gives Heisey the opportunity to stay in Disney sponsored housing that they have available for Disney College Program students during their four month stay. Transportation is also accessible for the students in order to attend special events and welcoming parties.

“I just don’t know what it is, but Disney brings out my inner child. I will never be afraid of letting my inner child run free when I am watching a Disney movie or at Walt Disney World,” says Heisey.

After graduation, Heisey hopes to continue working for Disney in their public relations, human resources, guest services or social media department.


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