Brazil exchange student wins local logo contest, enjoys time at Clarion

Sau Paulo, Brazil native and Clarion University exchange student Luciano Marreiro Abilio put his graphic design skills to the test, participating in and recently winning a logo contest for the Clarion Free Library.

As he journeyed from Brazil to Clarion last June to start his freshman year as an information systems major, Abilio looked forward to stepping out of his comfort zone, taking general education classes such as French, photography and graphic design.

“Even though I’m a freshman here, in Brazil I am in my last year. I don’t have many classes in my major to take, so I am taking extra ones,” says Abilio.

Although an information systems major, his interest in graphic design was sparked during high school and has held his attention ever since.

“In my major in Brazil, I have to have the minimum of knowledge to do a presentable system. So I have always liked to mix both areas, computer science and design, because I know the two are always in sync,” says Abilio.

Part of a class assignment in Professor Jim Rose’s Introduction to Graphic Design course, Abilio was instructed to participate in a local competition to create a logo representing the Clarion Public Library.

Out of 10 finalists, Abilio’s design was the winning logo, granting him a $50 gift card to the new Clarion River Brewing Company.

“I tried to create something simple that showed a little bit of Clarion with the autumn colors, but also a book with an open page to illustrate that everybody is welcomed to use and read the library’s books,” says Abilio.

After completing an internship this summer, Abilio plans to return to Brazil to graduate and continue his studies, hopefully earning his Ph. D.

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