How to survive Clarion’s brutal winter

During this time in Clarion, there tends to be frigid temperatures and monumental amounts of snow.  We all know that no one really wants to go outside unless it’s absolutely necessary, so here are some enjoyable and relaxing things you can do during Clarion’s dreariest time of year:

Binge-watch:  There are tons of binge-watching options that streaming services offer that can get you through the snowiest season.

If you like Marvel, Netflix has shows like “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil,” plus dark dramas such as “House of Cards.” If you’re feeling something on the lighter side, there are things like Chelsea Handler’s docu-series, “Chelsea Does, as well as Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None” and “Degrassi: New Class.” Hulu also has a lot to offer, including the new Stephen King mini-series, “11.22.63.”

Read:  Books are a great way to both entertain and make you feel like you’re doing something for your brain.  A whole slew of books are out there that make for great stay-in-and-chill reading.

Read a psychological thriller like “The Girl on the Train” or “Luckiest Girl Alive” if you want to be under your blanket hiding.  Try a memoir such as “Yes, Please” or “Not That Kind of Girl” to cozy up intimately with candles and hot cocoa. Pick up “Between the World and Me” and read a man’s essay to his son explaining his concerns with the current world.  No matter what you pick, reading will make this winter more bearable.

Exercise:  Some people enjoy running outside when it’s cold, and some do not.  An easy way to stay inside while also getting a workout is to do some ab exercises or cardio.Find some Zumba videos on YouTube and workout that way, rather than trekking outside in the snow and ice to get to the rec center.

If relaxation and meditation is more your pace, light some candles and do yoga in the middle of the floor.  You can easily turn your apartment or dorm into a small exercise area.

Games:  Even though you may not be able to hang out with your friends when the weather is bad, there are popular apps you can download and play with them from the nest you’ve build on your bed or couch.

“Evil Apples” is just like “Cards Against Humanity,” but it all takes place on a smartphone or tablet.  You can connect and laugh with your friends from any distance. Other fun games include “Stop,” “Jelly Splash,” “Uno,” and “Trivia Crack.”

There are so many options out there when you face inclement weather in Clarion, but don’t let that stop you from going to classes.  You can always go right back to your blanket fort when class is over.  Be careful out there, and I hope you find something fun to get through winter!

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