Beyonce Performance: Wrong time, wrong song

Queen Bey may have a dent in her crown after her Super Bowl Half Time show performance.

Beyoncé is known for her catchy song lyrics and electrifying performances, but after her Super Bowl performance she has been bashed by critics and praised by fans.

Observers believed she used her platform to embrace her culture and had a political statement embedded.

Beyoncé’s routine was examined as if she was taking the attention off the iconic celebration at hand and drawing attention to racial issues. 

During her performance of her newly released song “Formation,” Beyoncé and her dancers were dressed in all black, wearing berets, resembling the Black Panthers, a radical activist group in the 60’s and 70’s. 

At one point they positioned themselves in an “X” on the field. Daily Media reported that observers believe it was a reference to Malcolm X. They also raised their fist, known as the black power salute.

“Formation” is being touted as a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Critics and fans debate over her dancers’ intentions during half time, wondering whether the recital paid homage to the movement or attacking police. Melina Abdullah, a Black Lives Matter Activist and leader in California, applauded Beyoncé as she used her platform to “raise social consciousness and used [her] artistry to advance social justices.”

Football has been known as the All-American sport to represent the land of the free. The 50th Super Bowl is a celebration of the two best professional football teams in the United States in that season. Beyoncé’s unapologetic portrayal of blackness during half time seems inappropriate, as it addresses the issue of race during an event that celebrates the freedom of a country.

Beyoncé has yet to publicly release a statement about her performance and the imagery presented on the field.

It is all about perspective; was there a subliminal message embedded in her performance, or was it pure entertainment?

As a response to her show, a demonstration is being held next week in New York outside of the NFL headquarters to protest Beyoncé.

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