Being literally religious

Why do people insist on taking the Bible verbatim? I think it is the most ridiculous thing when people use the Bible as their arguments for why homosexuality is wrong, and why abortion should be illegal.

This is all coming from someone who is religious; stop taking the Bible word-for-word. It’s not meant to be taken that way, it should be interpreted and nothing else.

My beliefs are simple; that the LGBTQ community deserves the right to marry whomever they want because if I can get married and be happy, why can’t they? They are people too.

My stance on abortion, however, gets a little fuzzy. I believe a woman has the right to an abortion if she has been raped, her life is at stake, or if the baby will be a stillborn.

The Bible contradicts itself is so many ways, and it mentions how women are the property of man and that owning people is ok. Trust me, for almost every argument you give me about why the Bible is right, I can counter wit while still using the Bible as support.

Another reason why the bible should not be taken word-for-word is that nowhere in the Bible does it say that the detail in the Bible is fact.

This book was written over 30,000 years ago, don’t you think it’s just a little outdated?

My opinion of the Bible is that, above all else, it teaches tolerance. One of God’s own commandments states, “love thy neighbor as thyself” you are supposed to welcome each other with open arms.

How about instead of using the Bible to tell people why what they’re doing is wrong, how about we use it to do what it is meant to do. Spread love.

I believe in God, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, I believe in the Bible. But I don’t believe it’s ok to take the Bible literally and exactly as it is written and it is not ok to use the Bible to justify your actions.

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