Becht Hall empowers student success

Clarion, Pa.- Are you a student that is struggling academically? Clarion University’s newly located Student Success Center wants to help!

Angelica Perez works to help students build towards their success in school and life.
Angelica Perez works to help students build towards their success in school and life.

The Student Success Center, located in 310 and 311 Becht Hall, is staffed with workers who are prepared to help students improve their academic skills so they have an easier time at the university. Per the university’s mission statement, they promise to assist anyone that needs help overcoming challenges. They achieve this goal through providing tutoring and other resources that will help students become self-reliant in both their studies and daily lives.

The Student Success Center is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Anyone in need of assistance should contact Jeffrey Wardlaw at the center at (814) 393-1877, extension 1875. Wardlaw works to help set up tutoring services for students in need.

Aside from class tutoring, Becht also houses the Writing Center. The consultants at the Writing Center are available to help provide students with feedback on their papers and work with them to improve their writing skills.  Anyone in need can contact Chris McCarrick at extension 2739 or stop by 312 Becht. The Writing Center’s hours are 9 a.m. through 6 p.m. on Mondays though Thursdays and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Fridays.

Any student that has a documented disability can register in the office of Disability Support Services, which is run by Christina Hearst. Hearst can be reached at extension 2095. Hearst reviews the documentations and then meets with each student to accommodate their individual situations as best as possible. There are a wide variety of accommodations ranging from housing and medical awareness to extended testing time and note taking. Hearst is also trying to “work on career awareness information for students with disabilities.”

“Becht Hall was designated the one stop shop for students, which has helped all students to have access to all student services in one place,” Hearst stated. “I have seen this as a huge benefit not only for the student, but those of us providing services for the students.”

Her only wish was that they would have been able to have first floor access instead of being on the third floor. Other than that, she believes that the new location is working fine and manages to keep busy on a daily basis.

The newest Student Success Coach Matthew Mullen works to provide resources for students.
The newest Student Success Coach Matthew Mullen works to provide resources for students.

The university advising services is also part of the Student Success Center. Joseph Croskey, the director, can be reached at extension 1879. Croskey performs in a multitude of jobs to help students get on the right track. These jobs include taking students to Career Services for assistance with resumes, job fair information, and getting connected with Focus 2 software for those who need help choosing a major.

Croskey believes that one of the advantages of moving to Becht is being located right next to the Career Services center. This allows him to help students easily obtain information they need, rather than sending them across campus or having to wait for the information.

Aside from career advice, Croskey also provides academic advice to students with needs ranging from time management, study skills and many other tips that will allow students to be successful during their time in Clarion and their everyday lives.

In regards to the move, Croskey states, “Having so many offices in one building makes many things easier to facilitate, so that I can more effectively guide and advise students and they can become more successful.”

Becht Hall is also home to Financial Services, TRIO Student Support Services, Minority Student Services and more. With so many services in one building, many offices that were originally scattered across campus have been consolidated into this centralized location.

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