Sia gets dark in “This is Acting”

Australian performer Sia has received worldwide recognition in recent years. The 40-year-old singer has been in the music business since the mid-90s, but only received recognition and fame in 2013.sia

“This is Acting” is Sia’s seventh studio album released. It has an impressive discography, with 12 songs ranging in meaning and style. The first song off the album, “Bird Set Free,” is the most impressive, and appropriately the first song listed.

The song talks about how Sia found herself and why she sings. She proudly exclaims that she “sings for me” and she “shouts it out like a bird set free.” The powerful meaning behind the track will make listeners believe they can do anything. The haunting melody and quick paced movement of the song gives it a resonating sound of hopeful success and freedom.

“Space Between” is a ballad style song, and it will bring a tear to your eyes. The lyric most repeatedly heard is “the space between us is deafening,” making the track more of a break-up ballad than anything else.

One song that stood out among the rest of her ballad style tracks and songs of hope was “Sweet Design.” With a synthetic beat and a dance party vibe, it is one of those songs that will be re-mixed by every club DJ across the world. It is off the beaten path for Sia, and I do not see it as a route she should continue to take.

Throughout Sia’s albums, you will hear a theme of depression, addiction and recovery. It is a recurring theme, and “This is Acting” is no different. The album covers the years of drug use, alcoholism and dealing with the sudden death of her boyfriend Dan Pontifax in 2001.

Sia is a performer who sings from the heart, and she confronts the tragedy and success that she has experienced in life. I find Sia to be a beautiful artist and a talented singer. The album left a lot to be desired, but her already established and involved fans will greatly enjoy it. I give the album a solid 7/10.

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