‘Deadpool’ is action, comedy box office hit

It is not often that a superhero movie is released with ultraviolent and gory fight scenes, raunchy adult-oriented jokes and a red-suited protagonist dropping the f-bomb every few words. We saw similar things in both “Kick-Ass” movies in recent years, and this past Valentine’s Day weekend, it appeared again in “Deadpool.”deadpool

The movie is part of the X-Men franchise, and features Ryan Gosling as Wade Wilson, a mercenary who protects girls from potential stalkers. Whenever he undergoes a mysterious experiment, however, he mutates and acquires self-healing abilities, ultimately becoming Deadpool. With his newfound alter ego, Wilson vows to get his lady back and take down Francis, the man who turned him into what he is now.

Going into the movie, I knew what to expect. The character is sarcastic, violent and makes innuendos any chance he can get. I did not expect the movie to be more than that, though. I laughed more than I have for comedies, I gasped at the sequences of bloody violence and I even shed a few tears.

At times, “Deadpool” jumps between the past and present. It tells viewers about the background and history of Wilson, showing who he was before he became the vigilante, and how he came to be that. It may sound boring, but it is fast-paced and supplies a fun ride. What is fascinating about the movie is the fact that two X-Men are involved in Deadpool’s antics: Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. The two add even more comedy and thrills to the plot, and along with Deadpool, they create a bigger opportunity to expand the X-Men franchise.

Two other characters worth mentioning are a bartender who is Deadpool’s best friend and a blind woman who lives with Deadpool. The interactions between these characters are the funniest in the whole movie. Even when the credits roll, the movie is not over, like practically every Marvel movie. Stick around to see a cartoon Deadpool wreaking havoc on the screen during the credit sequence. Wait even longer for the special post-credits scene that includes some last-minute hilarity from Deadpool.

Whether you are a superhero fanatic, a comedy lover or an action junkie, there is something in “Deadpool” for everyone, and I recommend seeing it before it leaves theaters. “Deadpool” now holds the record for the biggest opening weekend of an R-rated movie, even surpassing “50 Shades of Grey,” and it has changed the way we view superhero movies.

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