‘American Horror Story’ wraps fifth season

Another year has come and gone, and “American Horror Story: Hotel” has ended.

“Hotel” made die-hard Jessica Lange fans question whether they would watch this season with Lange’s departure. However, the season “slayed” its way into our hearts.

The announcement of this season stirred many feelings. Pop star Lady Gaga released the theme of the show as a surprise to social media. Many thought that Gaga would lead the season to ruin, but she changed minds as the season progressed.

Fellow past stars returned, including Evan Peters, Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson. This season was the first to have Peters and Paulson portray antagonists.

“Hotel” was a vividly different season, and it promised to reintroduce past characters of different seasons. We were all happy to see the return of season one’s “Murder House” and fan favorite Queenie of “American Horror Story: Coven.”

This was the most stylish season to date. The elaborate art-deco style of Hotel Cortez gave the season an old Hollywood feel. The show also balanced dark imagery, such as bleeding walls, along with witty humor, such as Iris shouting at her three Instagram followers.

The basic plot of the season was the Countess (Gaga), a vampire with a Freddy Krueger-meets-Daphne-Guinness bladed gauntlet, finding her lost love while throwing past ones away.

It also featured detective John Lowe with his family as they traveled through a failed marriage, loss of a child and later, him being a serial killer.

The final episode took everyone by storm. The season ended by filling plot holes. Hotel Cortez became award-winning when the ghosts decided to end their violence. Liz Taylor ended up becoming the leader, and is “mercy killed” by the Countess and other ghosts.

The finale also brought back “Murder House” favorite Billie Dean Howard (Paulson), a psychic, to see Devil’s Night at the hotel.

“Hotel” lived up to its hype. Gaga earned a Golden Globe for her role. This season was a breath of new life. The show needed a break from Jessica Lange. It allowed for many new visual things that we would not have seen from her (like the bloody orgy in the pilot.)

As for the sixth season, fans are wondering which actors will come back. Gaga has been asked to return, but she is releasing an album this year.

“Hotel” ended up slaying its way to one of the best seasons in the show’s history. The flawless music and the use of the “The Shining” imagery made this season deeper. “Hotel” had more intensity than previous seasons, as every character was relatable.

If you have not checked out this season, it is a must. Here is to hoping the sixth season will be just as good.

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