Charlie Puth debuts ‘Nine Track Mind’

When 2015 and the word “music” comes to mind, you must think the platinum world hit “See You Again” from the box office hit “Furious 7.” That is the song that kick-started pop artist Charlie Puth’s career.nine track mind

With years of YouTube videos viewed by millions and a deal with Atlantic Records, Puth finally debuted his album “Nine Track Mind” on Jan. 29. Twenty-four year old Puth has the artistic talent to continue his success into the following years.

“We Don’t Talk Anymore,” the single most destined to go platinum, features Selena Gomez. This is the next “Love Yourself” to hit radios soon that features a harmony of Puth and Gomez’s vocals matching perfectly. Having Gomez contribute her talent for his album was the best decision Puth made.

The sultry and old fashioned vibe of “Suffer” presents Puth’s vocal range with perfection. The track is polar opposite from the other songs on his album. It sounds like something you may have wanted to hear on the successful “Fifty Shades of Grey” album last year.

The track “Dangerously” displays a great piano beat. Puth gets a double thumbs up for mixing his strong-hearted lyrics with a high tempo in this song.

“Some Type of Love” is reminiscent of Puth’s new hit “One Call Away,” but it is still likable. There is something about it that makes you listen and realize all of his songs are catchy no matter how similar they are.

Puth struggles to find his own sound, but deserves a B- for trying after years of working hard to showcase himself. Being young in the pop world is lethal, but Puth can win many teenage girls’ hearts with his clean, loving lyrics that are on display throughout “Nine Track Mind.”

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