Sanders wins mock election

Clarion, Pa.- The votes are in: Bernie Sanders is the winner of the presidential election, hypothetically.

The Clarion Young Democrats and History Club held a mock election Nov. 19 at the Carlson Library, Level 1.

Junior dual human resources and business management major Madison Daly said the clubs wanted to hold the election to get students thinking about the 2016 election.

“A lot of people haven’t even thought about who they want to vote for…and we wanted to get an idea of how students feel,” Daly said.

Junior political science major Aaron Grebinoski added the clubs sought to “raise awareness for the election itself, politics in general, voting in general and to hypothetically see who would win in this particular race.”

In this case, Bernie Sanders (D) won with 48 votes (45.28 percent), out of 106 total. The runner-up was Hillary Clinton (D) with 17 votes (16.04 percent).

“Based on my understanding of people my age and their general political leanings, I had a feeling Bernie Sanders was going to win. His policies and ideas are very attractive to young people, particularly college students,” Grebinoski said.

Clarion students were able to vote for their favorite candidate by sliding a slip of paper into the correct box bearing the candidate’s name and face. Other candidates included were Martin O’Malley (D), Jeb Bush (R), Donald Trump (R), Ben Carson (R), Marco Rubio (R) and Rand Paul (R).

The Clarion Young Democrats and History Club host a mock presidential election to see who students would elect.
The Clarion Young Democrats and History Club host a mock presidential election to see who students would elect.

The clubs also provided background information on the candidates and their stances on issues such as the gender wage gap, free college tuition, gun control, the Affordable Care Act and minimum wage. The groups also gave a quick overview of the Democratic and Republican beliefs to help students determine which party they most likely side with.

A person is most likely a Democrat if he/she believes in bigger federal government, access to education, increasing the minimum wage, access to healthcare, increasing gun restriction laws and are pro-choice and pro-union.

Someone can possibly be classified as a Republican if he/she believes in smaller federal government, gun rights, maintaining minimum wage, lassiz-faire economics, reduced federal spending, increased military spending and are anti-union and pro-life.

They also had fast facts about past presidents, inaugurations and the origins of the Democratic Donkey and Republican Elephant.

Grebinoski described the participation as “fantastic” throughout the three-hour event. He added, “Many people asked about the table while walking by, and almost everyone who stopped to talk ended up voting as well.”

For more information, students can contact the History Club at and the Clarion Young Democrats at Both groups meet on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in Founders, History Club in room 104 or 114, and the Young Democrats in room 118.

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