Panic! At the Disco to release album

I would be lying if I did not say Panic! At the Disco is one of my all-time favorite bands. It was the first concert I went to without my parents in tow, and Brendon Urie was the mega-crush of my middle school days.panic

Excitement for my beloved band seemed to fade out between the release of the 2011 album “Vices & Virtues” and 2013’s “Too Weird To Live, To Rare to Die!” The upcoming release of the band’s fifth full-length album, “Death of A Bachelor,” in early 2016 seems to be bringing back the excitement.

As a longtime fan of Panic! At the Disco, I am excited for this album more than I should be. Hearing the first few singles released from the new album, they were what I expected from happy-go-lucky Urie. The more tracks that were released, the more it all changed, and I began to love the album even more.

“Death of A Bachelor” has yet to be released, but the tracks that have been released thus far show a lot of promise for the album. The first song that Urie graced his fans with was “Victorious.” The happy pop tune was an instant hit, ranking on the “Billboard” Hot 100 quickly after its release. It is the definition of a pump-up song, and it seems to get everyone who listens to it into a great mood.

Next came “Hallelujah,” which is a song that holds a soulful sound that Urie and the band have always tried to convey. Frank Sinatra has always been an inspiration, to Urie, even going as far as getting Sinatra’s face tattooed on his arm. The song “Hallelujah” is a song truly dedicated to the love of music and Urie’s feelings toward it.

After “Hallelujah,” the band released a video teaser of Urie running through white fog. That teaser ended up being the music video for the next song, “Emperor’s New Clothes.” The song itself is based on the children’s story of the same name, but the music video tells a different tale. In the video, Urie falls into purgatory where he proceeds to become a demon and enters into hell. This song is probably my favorite so far, as the story is one I recognize but with a personal twist, and the beat of the song is amazing.

Finally, the band recently released “LA Devotee.” It is a homage to Los Angeles and those who have changed to find fame within the city. The song is similar to that of “Victorious” with its happy pop medley.

The album is set to release in January 2016, and pre-orders are already available online. I expect the album to be a full 10/10, and I am highly excited for its release.

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