Tri Sig raises funds for child therapy

The Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority hosted a “Tri Sigma Night Live” event on Wednesday, Nov. 18 in Clarion University’s Gemmell Muti-Purpose Room. The philanthropy affair featured numerous entertaining bits including re-enactments of Saturday Night Live skits from the popular NBC sketch comedy television show, lip-syncing acts and a performance by the CU Pellas.

“I think other chapters might have similar events, but it isn’t an actual national event,” explained senior public relations chair Laurel Pierotti of the sisterhood.

Contributed Photo / The Clarion Call "Tri Sigma Night Live" is one of the sorority's main events this semester.
Contributed Photo / The Clarion Call
“Tri Sigma Night Live” is one of the sorority’s main events this semester.

“I would just say that it is Clarion Tri Sigma’s first ‘Tri Sigma Night Live.’” Pierotti, along with fellow Tri Sigma member and philanthropy chairperson Courtney Goodzinski took it upon themselves to create an event page on social media to help reach Clarion’s students and announce the date of the fundraiser and its intentions to raise money for charity.

Of the 721 invitations sent to Facebook profiles, 97 of them have answered the call to awareness of the children’s play therapy treatments, which the sorority’s foundation supports.

“The proceeds will benefit the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, which supports Children’s Play Therapy. Play therapy rooms in hospitals contain play toys that help children in hospitals understand and cope with their treatments.”

“Tri Sigma Live” is a project that began its metamorphosis at the start of the 2015 fall semester. Although the Clarion community has had a hand in what attendees will witness with its volunteer-based talent, the project has mostly been the responsibility of Goodzinski. Four months of planning later, students and faculty scheduled for Wednesday classes were able to look forward to an evening of fun while “raising as much money for philanthropy as possible.”

Wednesday was the second in a trilogy of philanthropy events organized by Tri Sigma this week.

“It is part of a weeklong philanthropy. On Monday, we sold hot chocolate in the STC,” said Pierotti.

This marked the beginning of the sorority’s fundraising efforts leading up to Wednesday’s “Tri Sigma Night Live” event. Pierotti said the week’s events have been “very successful” thus far. “Thursday, we will be giving out baked goods in the [Carlson] library,” she continued.

A “Mean Girls” act, standup comedy, the CU Pellas and a “Friends” scene courtesy of students were all showcased at the Gemmell MPR.

“We want [you] to relax and be full of laughter while helping us support our philanthropy,” Pierotti said before the event on Wednesday.

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