Clarion hosts Soul Food Sunday

GenericPicSoul Food Sunday served as a Unity Community Connection dinner this year, open to campus students and community hosted by the Black Student Union. It provides an opportunity for students and community to gather for fellowship and eat a good home-cooked meal. Student groups and organizations also came together to inspire the students and community as well through their own forms of art.

Walking into the room, participants could smell the aroma of soul food dinner and experience the buzz in unity amongst the students and community. This year’s Soul Food Sunday was a family affair for me; my sister Brana Hill hosted the event, and my dad Brady Hill was the guest speaker.

The night opened with inspirational poetry by Monique Dickens and the KUDETS Step team. The night moved on to the guest speaker who decided he would share his testimony and craft a story that has truly inspired my own life changes. My dad uses his music (gospel rap) to share his testimony about how God truly changed his life. His music is relatable because it embodies the story and lives of some things young adults are experiencing right now and the things that some young adults have already gone through. His music is also understandable and relatable because it’s familiar. Depending on the song, you might catch a church hymn or a familiar hook from a song you know, and my dad puts all that together to reach all audiences.

My dad shared his testimony from being a young church boy to the birth of his own family and all the hiccups in between. In everything he went through, he used his music as an outlet to keep connected to God.

He gave words of encouragement to the students and community, but a couple things that I took from it is to be thankful for where you are right now. Being here in college should be seen as a privilege. He reminded us as college students that there are many who only wish to be where we are right now. He also reminded us that in order to change our circumstance we must change our mindset, from our thoughts which become feelings, feelings that become actions and actions that become results. What I loved most about my dad being the guest speaker for the evening, was that even though he shared all of his imperfections, his end goal was to share with all the stronghold of choosing to remain positive and choosing to believe in God.

The night ended with The Mu Phi Chapter of Kappa Alphas Psi Fraternity Inc. and a selection from the Life Every Voice Gospel Choir, a prayer and the most anticipated part of the night, the soul food dinner. Students and community gathered to eat, have fellowship and dance the night away, leaving everyone with the essence of what it means to truly be unified and having the opportunity to walk away with something that could change their lives.

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