ABLE promotes emerging student leaders

The Emerging Leaders Program hosted its fall individual project presentation Tuesday. The group, a subdivision of the Advisory Board for Leadership and Engagement, is a semester organization. It teaches students the fundamentals of being a leader in today’s world, while giving students the training needed to take a leadership position both within the university and outside.

Emily Cooper / The Clarion Call Kelly Ryan recognizes the emerging leaders of the fall semester at Clarion.
Emily Cooper / The Clarion Call
Kelly Ryan recognizes the emerging leaders of the fall semester at Clarion.

Kelly Ryan, assistant director of Student Affairs, is the adviser for the Emerging Leaders Program. To open the presentations, she gave some background on the group. Each semester the chosen students, made up of freshmen and sophomores, go on a retreat the weekend before the semester starts. On this retreat, they work together and do exercises that help them feel more confident in their abilities.

Along with the retreat, the students meet every Monday night and work together on group projects and individual projects, which they continue throughout the semester. The group projects consist of the CU Day of Service, the Community Halloween Party and the food drive. All these events are hosted yearly and planned by the Emerging Leaders.

Ryan spoke highly of the students, showing her pride for what they have done. Ryan says she loves to see how the students have grown into their roles as leaders.

“They come into the program and see it competitively with each other,” Ryan said, “but it’s really just setting a bar for themselves.”

Ryan also talked about the seven Cs of leadership. These seven Cs stand for consciousness of self, commitment, common purpose, citizenship, congruence, collaboration and controversy with civility. Students who presented had to include at least some of the seven Cs in their projects, which had to be programs that helped others in need.

This semester, five students presented individual projects at the ceremony. One such student was Hannah Allison, who presented a plan to start a sexual assault support group on campus. Her plan included collaborating with SAFE and PASSAGES, both local organizations, to bring support to assault victims on campus. Part of her idea also included providing free self-defense training for female students who want to learn how to protect themselves.

Emerging Leaders is now taking applicants for next semester’s program, and some of the students who presented will become mentors. Students can apply to the program by contacting Ryan for more information at or by calling her at 814-393-1688.

Students can apply for the Emerging Leaders program.

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