1D creates best work in fifth album


One Direction has been known in the past few years as the most demanding boy band in the world. The band sells millions of records and still seems to provide edgy and fresh pop hits every year it releases a new album.

The year 2015 has been a huge change for the band. One Direction member Zayne Malik decided to part ways and created a solo career after being part of the band for four successful years.

Then, 1D decided to announce that after the release of its newest record, the band would take a hiatus starting in March 2016. Fans have been devastated to hear that the boys will not be touring for the album that many people say contain the band’s best music.

Hit single “Perfect” is the perfect pop anthem and is like the 2015 version of “What Makes You Beautiful.”

“Walking in the Wind” has a light guitar sound that makes 1D sound more hipster and less like a bubble-gum pop band.

Next is “What a Feeling,” where the boys produce Fleetwood Mac vibes. I am obsessed with this single because it is the perfect song to blast while driving in the middle of the night with the windows down.

An ideal version of a slow jam would be “Long Way Down.” Members Liam and Louis are credited as co-writers of this great track, which is about the aftermath of a fallout in a relationship.

If you like the song “Bittersweet Symphony,” best known from the movie “Cruel Intentions,” then you will love “Hey Angel.” It carries vibes from the 1997 hit. The song is a strong choice for the starter of 1D’s fifth studio album. I understand why Harry Styles chose to tweet lyrics from it because it is a great song.

The talented group made a smart choice by writing “History,” a song devoted to its loyal fans. I think listeners will learn the words to this campfire guitar jam after listening a few times. One Direction proves how much it cares for its fans by creating this catchy song for its supporters around the world.

The final song on the album is “A.M.” This track affected me, and likely others, because it makes you think of the memories you have made over the months and years with your closest friends. You never want to forget the significant times you spent with those people.

The amazing thing about 1D is that it can make a song listeners can relate to without being too cheesy. One Direction’s music has become matured as the group ages, especially with some of the members co-writing songs. This makes the music more personal.

The hiatus will be painful for fans, but loyal listeners are gifted with the group’s best album while 1D adventures into new projects and tries to live a somewhat normal life.

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