President of Hermitage Education Association presents to education majors

On Monday, Nov. 9, 2015, Clarion University was lucky to host Nicole Porter from the Hermitage Education Association in the Carlson Library.

Porter was contacted by a university student asking her to travel to Clarion and present on the Pennsylvania State Education Association.Being originally from Ohio, this was her first time visiting Clarion University.

Students were happy to have her, as Porter successfully provided education majors with information on the Pennyslvania Student Education Association.

Twelve students were in attendance of the presentation, the majority of which were education majors to learn about how Clarion is one of the counties that the PSEA supports.

Porter informed the students on what a PSEA membership could provide while protecting new teachers.

The PSEA represents and protects educators in the Midwestern region of Pennsylvania.

The PSEA’s mission is to assist teachers with legal representation, benefits, legal rights and more.

“We’ve had some school systems try to take advantage of newbie teachers. That’s where the PSEA steps in and helps,” Porter stated.

All in all, students were greatly informed by Porter’s presentation and  she seemed to enjoy it as well. “The campus is quite lovely,” Porter said.people standing print

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