Mayday Parade rocks in seventh album

Mayday Parade recently released its seventh studio album “Black Lines,” and it was a transition back to its lines

The rock group from Tallahasse, Florida released its last album in 2013, titled “Monsters in the Closet.”

“Black Lines” takes a step back to the band’s rock origins, while “Monsters in the Closet” had Mayday Parade moving in a different direction. The hard-hitting songs fans were used to when Mayday Parade first began had turned into ballad-style love songs that no one really expected out of the group. “Black Lines” is the triumphant return of the Mayday Parade fans know and love.

“One of Them Will Destroy the Other” is the first song on “Black Lines,” and that song alone gave me a ton of hope for the album. I was expecting something similar to the band’s last album, which was a disappointment. I was excited to hear the vocal style, guitar riffs and rush of excitement with the opening notes.

One song that caught my attention was not for the music, but for the name. “Keep in Mind, Transmogrification Is a New Technology” is a ridiculously long title. The song was good, but I could not get the title out of my head. After a Google search, I discovered that “transmogrification” is a “World of Warcraft” term. In short, Mayday Parade is a band full of nerds.

My favorite song of the album also drew me because of its title, but it kept me for its sound. “Look up and See Infinity, Look Down and See Nothing” is a slow melodic song with a beautiful piano back noise that reminds me of something you would hear in the resolution of a movie. The piano switches out for guitar as the words and melody fade. The track is haunting, and I believe that is why it stuck out the most for me. Lyrics like, “I wanna feel the way you taste” give the song a longing that cannot be described, and can only be felt when you listen to the song.

I give “Black Lines” a solid 8/10. I will always be a fan of the band’s early work over anything else. However, this album takes fans back to the Mayday Parade in which they first fell in love.

Give the album a listen, and decide for yourself.

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