Classes teach risk management

Clarion, Pa.- On Wednesday, Nov. 4, the Rape Aggression Defense System program held a session at Miller Community Center in Reinhard Villages. Classes ran from 6  to 10 p.m.

This program consisted of series of self-defense courses and training sessions aimed towards women in abductive, assaultive or otherwise violent environments. Sergeant Marcy K. Trombetta, the program instructor, said that the primary focus of the program is “the realistic development of self-defense options for women, before and during situations of imminent or actual abductive assault.”

Sergeant Trombetta learned of the program when she was first hired by the Clarion University police department in 1999 and was “very interested in becoming an instructor. The Chief of Police at the time then sent me the thirty hour R.A.D. instructor course.”

Throughout the course, participants are educated on several fundamentals to keep themselves safe in dangerous, violent circumstances and scenarios. According to Sergeant Trombetta, at this past session, students were taught “risk awareness, risk reduction, risk recognition and risk avoidance. R.A.D. teaches the curriculum of survival.”

Additionally, during these courses, participants also learn “techniques and understanding of offensive and defensive postures, personal weapons and vulnerable target areas for preparing oneself for a violent encounter.”

For more information on the Rape Aggression Defense System program and its core teachings, contact Sergeant Marcy K. Trombetta at or go to their website at

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