Budget talk highlights meeting

Clarion, Pa.- Clarion’s Nov. 9 Student Senate meeting dove straight into the faculty report from Shelly Wilson.

Wilson stated that an independent film committee is accumulating participants to become an official body on Clarion’s main campus. Those who are interested by the idea, or desire more information on the project, should express their curiosity by contacting the Student Association Manager of Leadership and Involvement Shelly Wilson at swilson@clarion.edu for further details.

Senator Edward Greene began his officer report by sharing that Clarion’s bookstore Neebo will be offering a digital inventory of their texts very soon. The relatively new school supply retailer has always offered a wide range of physical copies of their textbooks.

As technology moves to the forefront, students will have the possibility of taking their materials to class in the form of electronic devices, so as to provide a solution to the issue of unavailable texts for large class sizes.

President Boxley reminded the room that this Monday marked the beginning of Social Equity Week. Dr. Jocelind Gant was the main keynote speaker for the affair, where Student Senate and other recognized student organizations will be present for the annual award ceremony that honors exceptional students and faculty members.

Several Clarion organizations were present at Monday’s meeting. The first among them was the Student Council for Exceptional Children who spoke on the business of allocating money to attend a PACA conference. The organization’s “recommended” request came in the amount of $1,400 according to Student Senate treasurer Dylan Rea.

Senator Corey French inquired about the governing body’s remaining budget for the semester, which ended in a balance of $2,206. The senate arrived at the conclusion that after funding the travels for the Student Council for Exceptional Children, the budget would come to less than $1,000.

Afterward, Senator Brana Hill persisted with questioning how many individuals were participating in the travel to the PACA conference to which the representative replied with five people. A vote was cast and the funds were given to the RSO.

The Army ROTC program on campus: the Leadership and Excellence Club of Clarion University made themselves known to the governing body in what they have to offer to students in education with the absence of militia commitment to the armed forces. The organization is looking to execute a Veterans Ceremony in front of the Carlson Library which would be the first of its kind on campus grounds.

Venango’s Criminal Justice Club is also aiming to strengthen its presence on Clarion’s main campus. Senator Devon Vallies asked about the new criminal justice major that is new to the main campus. The club representative added to Vallies’ thoughts by clarifying that the main campus provides an option to complete the program with the transfer of credits from Venango.

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