The Neighbourhood takes R&B turn

California-based indie group The Neighbourhood is known for its soulful melodic beats. With the group’s 2013 hit “Sweater Weather” shooting them to fame, The Neighbourhood’s sophomore album “Wiped Out!” has been highly anticipated.wiped out

The Neighbourhood released three singles before the Oct. 30 debut of “Wiped Out!” These tracks are the ever-popular “R.I.P. 2 My Youth,” “Prey” and the slow, hazy “The Beach.”

I was surprised to find that The Neighbourhood had moved away from its normal indie pop sound I had come to love. Instead, the band presented this album with a new R&B sound, and while unexpected, it is pleasant.

The first song, titled “A Moment of Silence,” is exactly that. It is 30 seconds of no sound. The first time I thought something was wrong with my headphones or the sound on my computer. It was not until I looked and saw that the sound was playing that I realized The Neighbourhood intended the song to be silent.

I give the group credit for that. It costs a lot of money to have your first track on the album be nothing but silence. Whether the track is a remembrance or just a poetic move, it really caught my attention.

The next song to grab me did not come until the end of the album. “R.I.P 2 My Youth,” the first single off the album, has a true R&B sound. The song about youth being over and adulthood taking over speaks loud and clear to college students everywhere. The fleeting life we all live goes by too quickly, and The Neighbourhood beautifully captured that in a powerful final song.

All in all, I give the album a solid 8.5/10. While the band’s first album, “I Love You.” has more staying power, its sophomore record is a pleasant listening experience. I will definitely revisit “Wiped Out!”

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