Surprise college football playoff team

Here we are, it’s the first week of November and the College Football Playoff Committee has just released its first set of color

The defending champion Buckeyes lead the way with their two-quarterback system.

Clemson is the surprise No. 1 seed with its high powered offense.

LSU comes as no surprise while led by Heisman favorite Leonard Fournette.

Once again, Alabama is in the playoff discussion even though most consider them to be having an “off year.”

I think there is a good case to bring up a few more teams that have a chance to sneak into the top four.

Of course there is TCU, Michigan State and Baylor.

Those are obvious picks.

For this column, I am going to go with a team that is currently on the backburner as far as playoff attention goes.

My team doesn’t have the flashy offenses that many teams run in college football.

The team I am picking wins by running the ball down the opposing team’s throat and locking it down with their stout defense.

The team that I feel has a chance to sneak into the College Football Playoff is the Stanford Cardinal.

The Cardinals were on the nation’s radar until it slipped up week one when it lost to the Big Ten’s Northwestern Wildcats.

However, I feel like there were a lot of factors that went in to the Cardinal losing the game.

First off, it was the first game of the season.

At that point of the season, every team has high hopes and high energy.

Also, the game began at 11 a.m. Central time.

That means that the players, who are used to kicking off a couple hours later than that on the West Coast, were out of their comfort zone to say the least.

Now let’s go to the positives.

If Stanford runs the table after its week one loss, the team would end the season on an 11-game win streak.

Those wins include games against USC, which was No. 6 at the time, UCLA, who was No. 18 at the time, and wins against Notre Dame and Utah which are both trending upward and could end up in the top ten if they keep winning.

The Cardinal are led by senior quarterback Kevin Hogan and sophomore running back, Christian McCaffery.

Hogan is the team leader and has the stats to match it.

Hogan has thrown for 1,662 yards and 14 touchdowns while throwing five interceptions.

With a quarterback rating of 163.9, Hogan is the guy that has been there before and can lead the team through any adversary.

Hogan’s go-to guy is found in his backfield with McCaffery.

McCaffery is a Heisman hopeful that has been nothing short of dominating in the team’s first eight games.

He leads the team with 1,060 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns.

Stanford does have many challenges coming up in its tough schedule.

If they run the table, there is no doubt in my mind that they should be a playoff team.

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