Opinion : NFL construes purpose of Pink October

In the NFL, the month of October is known as “Pink October.”NFL

The NFL comes out with pink memorabilia such as pink jerseys, towels and hats.

Research shows that only about $1.1 million has been donated every year since the NFL and ACS joined forces.

Less than .01 percent of the NFL’s total revenue went to breast cancer research.

There is also another snag with the retail part of Pink October.

Companies such as Reebok and Nike can set a cap limit for how much money they will donate when their pink products are sold.

After that amount of money is donated, they will stop contributing.

However, the customer such as you, has no idea if the cap is met and whether the money will go to research.

Unfortunately, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg in terms of negative publicity over Pink October.

The month of October is all about raising awareness about breast cancer, along with others.

Two Steelers have been personally affected by losing loved ones to cancer.

Running back DeAngelo Williams lost his mother to breast cancer last year.

While with the Carolina Panthers, which is where Williams was before the Steelers, the Panthers would honor his mother each year in October while she was fighting breast cancer.

Basically, they used her as a figurehead for the disease.

Unfortunately his mother, Sandra Hill, passed away in May 2014 from breast cancer.

This is where the story becomes even worse.

Only two members of the Panthers organization said anything to Williams after his mother passed away, and only one player attended her funeral.

In my eyes, that is a huge disgrace to not only the Panthers, but also the NFL overall.

The NFL could bring her onto the field as the figurehead of the fight against cancer, but couldn’t even have the decency to support Williams after she passed away.

Basically, it looks like the NFL used her while she was fighting cancer, and then just didn’t care after she passed away.

But could the NFL do anything worse after that?

If you said yes to that question, you are correct.

DeAngelo Williams was fined $5,787 for violating the leagues uniform policy.

What exactly was the huge rule that he broke?

On his eye black, he wrote, “We will find a cure” on one side and had a pink breast cancer ribbon on the other.

During a month where the NFL wants to raise awareness for breast cancer, Williams was fined for doing just that.

The decision to fine Williams for that really put the NFL in a negative light.

It almost made the NFL look inhuman, and really brought in some harsh criticism of the dress code.

Why couldn’t the NFL bend the rules just a fraction to let a player raise awareness for breast cancer, along with honoring his deceased mother?

To me, it just seems like a plain stupid decision to do so.    

The NFL just misses the point of Pink October.

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