Holiday season brings headaches

We are leaving Halloween season and entering Thanksgiving, and what do we all know happens after Thanksgiving? That’s right, Black Friday.

This has to be one of the worst traditions I’ve ever had to experience. I’ve only gone out on Black Friday a few times, and I didn’t even buy anything because it was crazy. I usually go a day or two after Black Friday because the sales are still there.

The best advice I can give for going out on Black Friday is this: don’t do it. Between the crazies that go out and the people that are so hardcore about it that they are eating their Thanksgiving dinner and then going out to line up, the chance that you’ll get that one thing that’s going on sale is slim to none.

Don’t get me wrong, Black Friday sales are great! Two years ago, I got a purse from Wilson Leather that was originally $126 and I got it for $26, and in the same year I got a Kate Spade bag that was originally $379 for only $127, which is still a lot, but compared to the original price it’s a pretty good deal.

Honestly, I think that the way of the future is online shopping; I will personally be waiting patiently for Cyber Monday when I can buy the same stuff online at a discounted price.

If you do decide to go Black Friday shopping, make sure you’re actually getting a deal. Look at the original price, look at the discounted price, and if you go to an outlet mall, make sure the sale they are claiming is for Black Friday isn’t just the same sale they market every other day of the year.

I personally think that people who go out on Black Friday are crazy, and if you are able to do it without injury, then good for you. The idea behind Black Friday is great, I just can’t get behind something where people are absolutely nuts to the point of violence.

I heard a story recently about an older woman punching a teenage girl in the face on Black Friday because she took the last one of something on the shelf. People get violent on Black Friday for something that probably isn’t even worth it.

In a way, I guess you could say I see Black Friday as a sort of purge night; people absolutely don’t care and will do whatever it takes to get what they want at any cost.

I, personally, will be probably be sitting safely at home waiting for my online sales. That being said, sometimes it’s fun to go to the mall with my two best friends and just watch people be animals, sort of like that mall scene in the movie “Mean Girls.” On this day of the year, we leave the human world and enter the animal world, and it really is fun to watch, but it’s not so fun to participate in.

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