‘Ghost Experience’ frightens with evidence

As the Halloween season came to a close, the History Club hosted its annual “Ghost Experience” in Hart Chapel from Thursday, Oct. 29 through Saturday, Oct. 31.

Dr. Todd Pfannestiel stands in Hart Chapel, a building discussed during the “Ghost Experience.”
Dr. Todd Pfannestiel stands in Hart Chapel, a building discussed during the “Ghost Experience.”

The event’s host, Dr. Todd Pfannestiel, said the goal was for the audience to, “hear the evidence, see the evidence.”

Pfannestiel told his usual ghost stories, but presented new evidence as well.

The show opened with a new video in which Pfannestiel is searching Hart Chapel after the lights unexpectedly go out. Pfannestiel asks, “William, where are you?” to the chapel’s ghost.

The vision of William appears behind Pfannestiel and answers, “I’m right behind you.”

William’s reply in the video was some of the new evidence presented in the ghost’s case. As he did last year, Pfannestiel saved William’s story for last, as the event was hosted in Hart Chapel.

Also among Pfannestiel’s recurring stories were those of Gateway Lodge in Cook Forest, Montgomery Hall on Venango Campus and Becht Hall.

The story of Becht is a tragic one, as it involves a young girl who went missing. Eventually, her clothes were found at the bottom on an elevator shaft. There have been reports of people who lived on the top floor complaining about hearing a young girl screaming and running around above them in the attic.

In Becht, Pfannestiel and his team caught a picture of a green orb, which he said usually implies anger or envy.

Among new evidence that was found, the audience got to hear sound bites from Givan Hall.

Last year, the audience only got to hear the story of a girl living in Givan who came home and went to bed, only to be disturbed by hearing loud banging in the room above her.

She decided to tell whoever it was to quiet down, but when she got to the door above her room, she found a note that read, “Went home for the weekend, have fun.”

The girl went back down to her room and heard the sounds again. She gathered the Community Assistant, and they went back upstairs to see the note had changed to, “Come check it out.”

The girl and CA opened the door to see all the furniture moved against the walls of the room, and in the middle, there was a hole as if someone were trying to break into the room below.

Pfannestiel investigated Givan over the summer. He did not hear banging sounds, but he did record voices. Pfannestiel said he told the spirit it needed to leave and caught the response, “Stop me.”

Also among the audio files were a man’s voice saying, “Come, my children,” and a woman’s voice saying, “Take the young.”

Samantha Miller, a freshman biology major, said the show was, “really cool, [it] reminds me of my high school’s theater ghost, and I’m looking forward to coming back next year.”

Missing from this year’s “Ghost Experience” were the stories of Wilkinson and Nair Halls. Once everyone moves out of the two dorms after this semester, Pfannestiel will investigate the buildings in the spring before they are demolished.

For more information on the “Ghost Experience” or participating in future ghost hunts, contact Pfannestiel at tpfannestiel@clarion.edu.

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