Carrie Underwood rules with ‘Storyteller’

Country artist and American Idol alum Carrie Underwood has become a household name and leading lady in the music world in the past decade. Underwood has proven that no matter how many albums she releases, the hits keep on coming.carrie underwood

With such amazing vocals, Underwood continuously creates genuine records that always blow away fans. People who are not even fans of country will admit to loving the seven-time Grammy Award-winning artist. After three years of success from her mega-hit album “Blown Away,” the world was gifted with Underwood’s new album “Storyteller.”

Starting off the much-anticipated album is “Renegade Runaway,” where Underwood’s sass kicks in with a strong banjo and drums.

Second is the relationship-dwelling track, “Dirty Laundry.’’ Underwood sings about being fed up with having to deal with a disloyal partner.

“Church Bells” is full of fury. The song, about a woman named Jenny, deals with losing hope in an abusive partner. However, a little bit of church changes Jenny’s life and shows her a way to get out of the relationship.

I like to think that Underwood dedicated “Heartbeat” to all strong couples, including her marriage to husband Mike Fisher. This song feeds into the love you want with your partner when you want to drop everything and just appreciate the presence of each other.

Next is “Choctaw County Affair,” which features a great guitar and spiritual vibe.

Underwood knows how to sing a revenge song, but she also knows how to sing a good love ballad such as, “Like I’ll Never Love You Again.” I love this song because she can separate herself from others with her distinct voice, yet still sing about the well-known topic of love.

A favorite of mine is the catchy “Chaser.” Underwood tells a heart-breaker that he can go off and get the “other” girl he can’t stop desiring. I love the chorus because it is not too country for non-country listeners.

No. 9 is “Relapse.” Underwood sings about giving in and going back to the one man whom her girlfriends have told her not to see.

“Clock Don’t Stop” is another song that has Underwood singing a strong country-pop chorus.

“Mexico” is a song that displays Underwood’s risk-taking side. She tells her lover to stop what he is doing and jump on the rebellious train with her.

Last is “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted,” in which Underwood sings cool and light vibes about the love for the men in her life. It is a calming way to end a great album.

She may have been holding back for the past year, but 2016 will be a year full of Underwood. With her major city tour just announced and her top-charting brand-new album, Underwood proves that women in music know how to rule.

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