Halloween costumes take scary twist

Halloween is almost here and it’s always around this time that I think about the costumes people are going to wear. Primarily, I think about girl’s costumes: are they starting to get to sexy?

Honestly, I think the answer is yes. Last year, I saw a costume called the “Sexy Ebola Costume” and decided that I was 110 percent done.

I don’t like how it is so hard to find an adult costume that covers me, it’s usually cold in October, and no matter how long I’m going to be outside, I would rather be warm and comfortable than be wearing a costume that looks like it should be worn at the beach.

I wouldn’t be as upset by this over-sexualizing of Halloween if it was limited to just adult costumes, but it’s not. When I was 14, I was looking for a Halloween costume and was looking in the teen section.

As I was looking through the costumes meant for young adults, I looked at most of them and couldn’t help but think, “oh my God, if I wore this, my dad would have a heart attack.”

What is with our world’s obsession with girls showing off everything? More importantly, why don’t we even the playing field and make sexy costumes for men that aren’t Tarzan costumes?

I don’t mind wearing something with a shorter skirt, but at least I’m mostly covered. If you like wearing the “sexy” costumes and you feel comfortable doing it, more power to you. I just hope the girls and women who wear those costumes are doing it because they want to, and not just for male attention.

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