5SOS gets punk rock in second album

The year 2015 has been huge for music, especially in the pop world. With the newly released sophomore album from 5 Seconds of Summer, “Sounds Good Feels Good,” the band proves it is staking a top spot in the pop genre.5sos

5SOS debuted its first album only a year ago, and the pop band isn’t stopping its success anytime soon.

Starting the album off, “Money” kicks the punk rock sounds into full effect. The song has Fall Out Boy vibes written all over it. It is a great start to an upbeat album.

No. 2 on the record is the end-of-summer hit “She’s Kinda Hot.” The catchy rock song is the perfect material to attract the band’s typical group of teen fans.

“Hey Everybody!” is third with its mediocre soft rock vibes. The lyrics are easy to pick up, but the band definitely has stronger songs that stand out more than this track.

“Permanent Vacation” is a bold hit that many young people can relate to when they aren’t involved in a relationship.

Fifth on the album is “Jet Black Heart,” a favorite of mine. The band portrays its punk attitude well with this mature song.

“Catch Fire” is like a song taken from fellow pop band One Direction turned hipster. In this track, 5SOS says it isn’t boy band—it’s simply a band.

The band’s portrayal of never wanting something good to ends is shown in “Waste The Night.” This is a song that makes you think of being with a lover or best friend and spending a crazy weekend together.

Another hipster rock song is inserted in the album with “Vapor.” The band explains its passion for someone, but instead of a slow ballad, it is turned into a rock song.

No. 6 on the record is the rocky-relationship song “Castaway.” The boys sing about dealing with post-relationship frustration.

A great song that stood out was “San Francisco,” where the band shows a light alternative sound. I love it because the group proves it isn’t typically punk and can widen its music to please all types of people.

It wouldn’t be 5SOS if the band didn’t end its second album with the solid pop-rock song “Outer Space / Carry On.”

5SOS is a major punk group in the world that deserves recognition for its tasteful jams. “Sounds Good Feels Good” will still be a hit come summer 2016 when the band shows off its upbeat attitude on tour with millions of fans.

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