University Korner sells itself

Clarion, Pa.- The University Korner made its grand opening several weeks ago during the Autumn Leaf Festival celebrations. Since then, the little market has been a popular stop for students at the university and people in the community.

The shop sells a variety of things. It sells regular snacks you would see in any gas station or convenience store, but it has everyday necessities too. University Korner sells cleaning supplies, cat litter, toilet paper and more. There are little things that people might need suddenly, but they do not want to drive to Wal-Mart to get it.

Along with everyday items, you may also get cigarettes and other tobacco products. You can also purchase vaporizers, or vapes, there. You can purchase rechargeable ones or temporary ones.

university corner online
The University Korner is a new small business that has set up shop next to campus.

The store itself is neat with black and red shelves displaying all products. The large freezer in the back consists of everything from Pepsi to Coke products. It even have some frozen Starbucks mochas in there.

It seems to have become a popular spot for university students. Owner Yasir Bhatti was unavailable to comment on the success of the business so far, but it seems to be successful and continuously growing.

There is talk of gas being brought back to the site, so that it is more than just a convenience store, but that will take some time. The store itself is a new and unique site in a convenient location. It is close enough to the dorms and suites that students living there do not have to find a ride or take the bus to Wal-Mart. It is a cheap, clean and well-placed convenience store. The University Korner is doing well in Clarion.

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