Metric gets dark in ‘Pagans in Vegas’

I will be honest, I had never heard of the Canadian rock band Metric before reviewing its sixth studio album “Pagans in Vegas.”

I had not even heard of the band in passing from any of my friends who are into weird underground music, so I had no idea what to expect when I opened up Spotify and typed in the album name.metric

I was pleasantly surprised. While the lyrics themselves are rather dark, such as singing about free lobotomies and bleeding out, the electric pop beats made it a song I wanted to bob my head along to. I felt like I was not getting the whole story, so I went a little further and watched every music video from the album I could find.

Metric gives a futuristic feeling to its music, almost like you would find this album accompanying a viewing of the movie “Tron.” The band manages to obtain an ‘80s techno feel while still remaining modern and interesting to listeners.

The opening song on the album “Lie Lie Lie” really caught my attention. With the opening beats I expected a happy song. While I wasn’t disappointed, I had to re-listen to the song to make sure I heard some of the lyrics correctly.

The second verse states, “If it happened it was meant to be/ Got me a lobotomy for free/ Now, I’m so sedated and serene/ On the cover of your magazine.” The song goes on to tell a story of the manipulation of a woman, with a slight undertone of date rape.

If the bands The Pretty Reckless and Daft Punk went back to the 1980s and had a child, it would be Metric. With an awesome female vocalist fronting this band, it can go far in the alternative music scene.

Overall, I give “Pagans in Vegas” a 8.5/10. The lyrics are a bit dark for a lot of music listeners’ preferences, but if you do not pay too much attention to the lyrics, then I highly recommend listening to Metric and its latest album.

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