Demi Lovato is mega-hit with ‘Confident’

The world of pop is better than ever with the end of 2015 coming soon.

Artists like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, One Direction and Taylor Swift have been ruling the world with major hits lately. However, a great artist like Demi Lovato sure knows how to mark her territory in the music industry with a roar of self-respect anthems and confidence. Her fifth official album “Confident” was released with countless praise for her new sexy look and sounds.confident

Just like bestie Gomez, Lovato starts her new life piece with the title track. “Confident” is a great way to start the LP with such feel-good lyrics. It’s an anthem anyone can sing to the haters in their lives.

Lovato makes a stand with her mega-hit “Cool for the Summer.” It is one of her best singles ever released. The song is more mature, yet still fun.

The third track in the set-list is “Old Ways.” The song is one of many on the album that features major EDM beats. Lovato proves change is good and sings about being fed up with judgmental people.

Vocals rise from the beautiful songstress in “For You.” She sings about how much she’s willing to show loyalty and that she will do anything for her lover.

Adele vibes are felt while hearing Lovato’s strongest song of the album “Stone Cold.” It’s bound to be a major hit on the radio. The song, which is about moving on from a past flame and being happy, is an amazing slow jam. Lovato sounds her best in this track. This ballad will give you chills from the powerful vocals being chanted.

Dance vibes come from the next song “Kingdom Come.” This song is reminiscent of Iggy Azalea’s 2014 hit “Black Widow” when the chorus drops. Having rap involved with Lovato’s vocals is an excellent balance.

Another pop/rap collaboration is inserted with “Waitin for You.” The gritty song has a catchy verse by rapper Sirah.

Pop star/writer Ryan Tedder devotes his major song-writing skills to the eighth track “Wildfire.” Another worthy hit, the song has the intention of telling someone they’re the spark to a strong-going relationship.

Next is the Sia-esque song “Lionheart.” It expresses the strength that lovers can hold for each other, letting nothing get in the way of their passion. “Yes” is the song that you sing to someone when you need to prove yourself. No one is perfect, but everyone deserves a chance. The song shows that taking risks can be a good decision in life.

Lovato closes a truly great album with the masterful slow song “Father.” It refers to Lovato’s father, who was known for being abusive during her childhood. She felt writing her view toward him dying in 2013 would be cathartic. Lovato proves she is beyond mature with this track.

“Confident” is one of those albums where an artist breaks out of the tween stage. Lovato has done it perfectly with her dance and rock vibes. With such a loud and fantastic album, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Lovato.

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