Underclassmen play pivotal role in Golden Eagle volleyball success

A good team has to be strong, but its future must be stronger.

If the team has a talented senior class, that is spectacular.

They should be utilized to the fullest potential.

However, once that class graduates, the team will be left to rebuild from an inexperienced group.

Fortunately, Clarion’s volleyball team doesn’t have to worry about that, because it has built a solid foundation for a strong future with every player in this group, which might translate to an even stronger one in seasons to come.

The team has totaled 1,087.0 points.

Of that total number of points, Marissa Robertson, Gabrielle Olsen and Taylor Braunagel have accounted for 580.5.

That is a little over 53 percet of the number.

Gabrielle Olsen and Taylor Braunagel are both sophomores, and Marissa Robertson is a freshman this year.vball online

Those three are also leading the team in kills.

Olsen has recorded the most with 177; Braunagel follows with 174, and Robertson has 166.

Taylor Braunagel emphasized how nice it is to have a group with such a strong base saying, “Well, it’s nice to be able to have a solid foundation at a young age. Because we are mostly underclassmen, I feel like we can only improve from our current stance and continue to grow.”

She was quick to say that it is more than just underclassmen doing the work, saying, “All three of our seniors, Morgan Seybold, Abbey Cox, and Jocelyn Uchic, work the hardest on the team out of all of us. They’re integral to keeping us focused on the game and the process of getting better.”

She also pointed out how the team wouldn’t be the same without them, and what makes them such great leaders saying, “Well first of all, they’re really good teammates. They make you want to be a part of the team, and they make it fun. As a part of the team, we know that we need to be cohesive and support each other both on and off the court, and they do a really nice job of instilling that ‘Clarion culture’ into our daily practices and games. It’s nice to have a support system that keeps you motivated, and they deserve the utmost respect for trying to teach us underclassmen that as we continue through our careers here at Clarion.”

Braunagel demonstrates the unselfishness and humility of the team, which might be why they have such an opportunistic record of 10-10.

She expanded on this concept, “The best part of playing with this group of girls is that we are unselfish in the game of volleyball. We want each other to do well and we all want to see each other succeed. When we step on the court, we don’t play for our own personal gains or stats, and we don’t play for our coach or even for the win. We play with each other, for each other. This bond we have formed as a team is what makes us successful as a team, and makes the experience worthwhile and fulfilling.”

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