Selena Gomez gets sultry and personal in second album ‘Revival’

The day Oct. 9 felt like an early Christmas for me. As cheesy as that sounds, it truly was because Selena Gomez released her second solo and fifth career album.revival

The album is named “Revival,” expressing the singer’s comeback to music and a departure from Disney-associated recording studio Hollywood Records. Beginning in December 2014, she is now under contract with Interscope Records. Gomez has explained to the world that this is her most self-involved album. She co-wrote half the songs, something she was not able to do before.

The pop star chose her first song off the set list as the album name. I think she was smart with this decision. “Revival” is an empowering song where Gomez chants strong lyrics like, “It’s my time to butterfly,” and, “What I’ve learned is so vital/ More than just survival/ This is my revival.” This song is my favorite.

The second track, EDM-influenced “Kill Em With Kindness,” is a dance song about revenge. Gomez sings about a major life moral: You must ignore the haters.

Third in the set list is the catchy hit “Hands To Myself.” It has the thought of enjoying life, being flirty with a crush and not worrying about what others think.

Next is the second single released off the album back in September called “Same Old Love.” The upcoming hit had help from singer Charli XCX, who wrote it. Gomez expresses her feisty, irritated attitude toward the typical heartbreak we all may have received.

She shows hints of a certain past relationship with a male pop singer in the fast upbeat song, “Sober.” It could have turned into a slow jam, but she saves that type of song for later. This song truly explains how Gomez felt being in a media-filled love story that turned into a disaster.

The mega-hit “Good For You” is No. 6 on this mature album. This sexy R&B-influenced song features a catchy verse by rapper A$AP Rocky. Gomez proves that she does not need to exert her low-toned voice to be heard.

No. 8 is where the slow jam “Camouflage” is inserted. This record has so much heart and passion put into it that makes it stand out. Gomez sings about how she wasn’t the main priority in a relationship and must move on from the damage. I think a lot of people can relate to the amazing lyrics.

Tones then change quickly to the disco-filled song “Me & The Rhythm.” Gomez doesn’t need a bunch of slow songs to get to listeners’ emotions. Listen to this jam when you want to feel good about yourself.

EDM is showcased best on this album during “Survivors.” It is a true depiction of the dance world.

Emotional tension is raised in the song “Body Heat.” You will feel like the song is balanced well by sounding like a mix between Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

The final song on the album is “Rise,” in which Gomez says not to rely on your negative peers but on the faith you have in yourself.

To say this is a good comeback is an understatement. Gomez is proving to the world that this is her real self. She doesn’t have to be gifted with Christina Aguilera vocals to succeed. Gomez is maturing in the music business and is ready to take the pop princess crown that she deserves.

I highly recommend this fresh and emotional album to anyone who loves Gomez and even to those who aren’t past fans of her music.

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