The Wonder Years takes an emotional turn in ‘No Closer to Heaven’

The Wonder Years is a pop punk band out of suburban Philadelphia. Their fifth studio album, “No Closer to Heaven” is an emotional one.wonder years

Gone is the hyped up pop punk sound fans have come to enjoy from TWY. This album takes listeners to a darker emotional place in the band’s hearts.

This album is the winter of the band’s work. The lyrics are more personal. More is felt in the soul of the band and its fans.

“Cigarettes & Saints” is the most emotional song of the album. It tells the story of the loss of a friend and loved one to the band.

“I don’t think he even knew your name/ And I refuse to kneel and pray/ I won’t remember you that way/ I lit you a candle in every cathedral across Europe/ And I hope you know you’re still my patron saint.”

The song tells of how the band lost that person to a drug overdose. It is almost a recap of that person’s funeral and how it did not reflect them as a person at all.

Another song from the album is “Stained Glass Ceilings,” which has a familiar feeling to “Cigarettes & Saints.”

“They’re gathering anchors/ They’re gathering rope/ You push into heaven all alone/ They’re grabbing your ankles/ They won’t let you go/ The ebb and the distant flow/ They’re cutting your wings off/ Built you ceilings out of stained glass.”

The only difference between these two songs is instead of the hopeful feeling of the deceased being in heaven, it is about the actual struggle to get there when the cruelness of the living world is too heavy to bear.

Dan Campbell, lead vocalist of TWY, is amazing at carrying the sadness in his voice as he sings. The band is passionate and has a personal touch to every song it writes and performs. I give this album a 10/10 and recommend it to anyone who is ever going through a rough time.

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