Creativity flows through Main Street during Crafters Day

Clarion, Pa.- Thousands of people braved the cold weather to pack together and attend Clarion’s 62nd annual Autumn Leaf Festival Farmers and Crafters Day on Friday.

Dozens of vendors lined Main Street to show off their creations. Some students may have thought that there was nothing there that would be of interest to them and just used the day to sleep in. However, there was such a great diversity of items sold amongst all of the vendors that the chance that attendees would find nothing of interest was slim.

Crafters Day draws people to ALF from the Clarion area and beyond.

Due to the temperature reaching no higher than the low 50s, some of the most popular vendors were those that sold handmade scarves, hats and gloves. Aside from winter apparel, there were vendors that sold many things ranging from painted wooden yard decorations of various characters to Russian nesting dolls, assorted carved figurines and more.

Among the vendors making their Crafters Day debut, Jessica Horvath from Hermitage, Pa. was a standout. Horvath has been running her jewelry business, CraftyCabra, on Etsy since 2001. Her collection ranges from Harry Potter rings to super hero earrings and everything in between.  “I like geeky things and making things nobody can find anywhere else,” said Horvath.

Autumn Leaf Festival appealed to her because she heard it was a great way to get people to view her crafts. She figured it would be a great way to come back from the break she took making crafts.

Crafters Day occupies Main Street, a local favorite event during ALF.

She really enjoyed being able to talk to everyone who stopped by and shared their interests with them.

In her eyes, her first year was a success because there was not one time when the tent was not filled with people enjoying her work.

After traveling from Pittsburgh, Jeanne Cherry was also in attendance for the 10th year in a row. After 10 years, if she could change anything, it would be to bring a space heater with her next year she joked. She was a little disappointed with business being affected by the weather because nobody likes to linger around and buy things when it is cold.

However, she still felt that it was another successful year.

Her business, juNxtaposition, features a variety of things from typewriter key jewelry to various quotes printed on old book pages.

Vendors, residents, travelers, students and staff crowd the streets during the Crafters Day event.

Her inspiration came from her love of vintage items. She wanted to do something creative with them because “you can’t give away a typewriter.”

To get her antique supplies, Cherry frequents flea markets and then gets to work creating. Since she uses antiques, sometimes there is slight wear to the items.

However, she believes that this is what gives her work character and that it just adds to the charm of the items.

Both of these vendors can be found online for anyone interested that may have missed the chance.

Horvath and her “geeky custom creations” can be found on shop/craftycabra. Cherry’s vintage items can be bought on her website,, and offers free shipping.

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