Avicii remains noticeable in EDM with sophomore album ‘Stories’

It was the year 2013 when Swedish based DJ/producer Tim Bergling, known as Avicii, joined the ranks of famous disc jockeys like Calvin Harris, Skrillex and David Guetta in becoming a world-wide phenomenon once his solid debut album “True” was released.stories

The album was praised for having influences like blue-grass and country, which mixed well within the rhythm of his songs, including the instant hit “Wake Me Up.”

Two years later, Avicii’s much buzzed about sophomore piece “Stories” has finally been released.

To anyone who is a fan of EDM music, this album is not the type you will hear in a club per se. The album has a strong start with “Waiting For Love.” The song feels like a definite EDM top-hit, especially by being produced by young club phenomenon Martin Garrix (“Animals”).

However, the album seems to be all over the place after the first three songs, with too many opposite sounds that don’t make a clean-cut story.

The second number on the album, “Talk To Myself,” is another good start. It’s the dance song you would expect to hear, whether in Abercrombie & Fitch or a club.

The third song, which is one of my favorites, is called “Touch Me.” It is filled with disco vibes you want to hear.

Things starts to get slow and borderline boring with “Ten More Days.”

“For A Better Day” tries to pick up the pace, but it’s not the kind of song you want to hear from Avicii. It seems too alternative.

Risks are taken for the next song, “Broken Arrows,” which is the first slow hit off the album. Having a strong country influence like Zach Brown lend his voice to this single is exactly what this album needed. It is the “Wake Me Up” to this album. It has funky and weird vibes, and it excels that way.

“True Believer” is another favorite of mine. It involves the amazing voice of Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin singing the chorus. This song is worthy of being a hit.

No. 8 on the album is “City of Lights.” The song has a good piano sound.

The album’s sound starts to switch over with the upbeat “Pure Grinding” and “Sunset Jesus.”

Things tend to go slower with reggae vibes in “Can’t Catch Me” and a song devoted to Avicii’s hometown of Stockholm, Sweden named, “Somewhere in Stockholm.”

Guitar influences appear again in the next upbeat song, “Trouble.”

The final act, “Gonna Love Ya,” seems to be calmer, yet it has a great beat to it after going through this storm of an album.

Avicii appears to have taken a risk again, influencing non-EDM music with his songs. It does not seem to be the risk listeners want to hear two years after his debut album.

This album had lots of competition from the major hits created by Calvin Harris and Disclosure and its sophomore album “Caracel,” which has been received well by the industry.

I give props to Avicii for landing a spot on the top 20 album list on iTunes, but I truly do not think it cracked the surface hard enough for such a talented man like himself.

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