Student Senate OKs new RSOs

Clarion, Pa.- Clarion University’s Student Senate meeting covered a variety of topics from future events to approving clubs to be Recognized Student Organizations this past Monday.

Clarion University’s Head Wrestling Coach Keith Ferraro came in front of the Senate to propose a request of $2,000 for a digital scoreboard to be used in the team’s training facility. This board is portable and can be connected with a laptop and can keep time and scoring data. It would replace the analog clock.

The team has two other portable boards, but they are older technology the coach said. Their facility is outdated compared to other schools which have three to five newer boards. Benefits of getting an updated board include live results and compatibility with online streaming for tournaments. The boards will also be compatible with the new Tippin system that will be finished in 2016. The Senate approved Coach Ferraro’s request for an updated system.

Graduate student Traesha Pritchard came forward to get the Queens Mentoring Program to become an RSO. Pritchard is president of the Black Student Union and noticed that while there were mentoring programs for men, many of the women felt secluded and were not united. She wanted to create a program in which she brought everyone together and promote the advancement of women on campus.

Her program helps enrich women with education and help them feel more confident through friendship, education and love. When it first started, the club had 14 members, and currently it has 43 and is still growing. With the help of her friends at other universities, she hopes that this club can branch out and hopes to one day turn it into a nonprofit organization to help women feel empowered. After her powerful and emotional speech, the senate approved her request; her group is now an RSO.

Devin Shellhammer was also present to represent the newly founded Indoor Majorettes and Color Guard team. This team is for those interested in twirling that cannot commit to the marching band season as well as those that wish to continue after the season.

Around November, after marching band season is over, and continuing into the spring, they are going to start holding weekly practices and meetings. The team will go to events and compete in collegiate level twirling competitions. The group has 19 members already interested in it with no limits set on how many can join. Her request to become an official RSO was approved as well.

Aside from approving RSOs and scoreboards, the Senate also talked about upcoming events. President Jarrett Boxley reminded everyone that on November 7 at 7 p.m. all senators are required to attend their Wingo event in the Gemmell MPR, which combines wings and bingo. Student Association Director Shelly Wilson encouraged everyone to head over to the Main Street Suites movie theater this weekend to go see “Jurassic World” and “Trainwreck.”

Next week, the Senate will decide on whether or not the Student Veterans’ Association will be approved to become an RSO. This association is meant to provide comradery to veterans on campus, students and faculty alike, to allow them to feel connected.

They will also help veterans with career services, reach out to veterans in the community and hold fundraisers to support the Wounded Warrior Project and other related non-profit organizations. The association was formed as an RSO before until President David Hartley became Dean of the College of Business Administration, and it faded. Sophomore National Guard member Samuel Richardson decided to bring it back to life and is acting as president until official elections are held.

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