Neck Deep comes out on top with meaningful sophomore album

neck deepWelsh band Neck Deep has seen some rough patches recently. With accusations of sexual harassment plaguing fans’ news feeds that have caused guitarist Lloyd Roberts to depart from the group itself, many have forgotten that Neck Deep released a top 10 United Kingdom billboard album titled, “Life’s Not Out To Get You.”

Neck Deep connected with Jeremy McKinnon, lead singer of A Day to Remember, to be the producer for the sophomore album. The album charted at No. 8 in the UK and made it to the top 20 in the United States.

The album dropped this past August, after much anticipation from the band who had recently finished up touring across the U.S. with Vans Warped Tour. The first released single from the album was titled “Can’t Kick Up the Roots.” The song is a tribute to the town they grew up in, and how even though they used to hate it, they now appreciate it.

“Gold Steps” was the second single to be released, along with an amazing music video. The video featured the band playing as they drove through a town on a skateboard half-pipe hitched to a truck. The song is a uplifting one, with a message that tells the listener he or she will get there and succeed.

Singer Ben Barlow has a varying vocal range. From the previously mentioned songs, Barlow is also good at slowing things down. “December” is a slower song on the album about an ex-lover who has moved on, and the hopes that he or she is happy.

Opposite “December,” is “Citizens Of Earth,” the first track on the record. It opens with recordings of the band talking and laughing in the studio and is concluded in the same way. Barlow shows his skills with this song, with harder vocals and guitar riffs piercing the speakers.

Overall, I give “Life’s Not Out To Get You” a solid 10. The band stuck to what it knows, used great producers and produced meaningful content with its lyrics and sound.

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