Croskey encourages student meditation

Clarion, Pa.- Spliced at the center of Becht’s fourth floor is a room gutted of the office supply residue of human efficiency, but left in its hollowness is the opportunity to align yourself with your fullest potential.

This academic year all members of the student body are given the privilege to practice Zen in the 411 meditation room. A group-led “mindfulness period” will be hosted every Thursday by Student Success Center Advising Service Assistant Professor Joseph Croskey.

Those who are interested in participating must check in prior to the start of the event between 12:30 to 12:35 p.m. The start of the mindfulness period may be delayed due to the merging of the sign-up time frame, and the projected thirty minute span of the event.

Space is limited to the maximum capacity of the room’s office-space size, but anyone who is enrolled as a student at Clarion’s main campus will have the opportunity to join the 30 minutes of meditation led by Croskey.

Students and faculty alike prepare their minds and bodies for enlightenment in Becht Hall.

A question-and-answer session will follow the meditation at 1:35 p.m. in Room 435 every Thursday as well and will be specifically intended for those who are unfamiliar with the process of calming the mind. It is here where Croskey will be available to alleviate curiosities regarding instructions on how to adequately participate, quantify the maximum benefits of being present and provide a thoughtful explanation of the anticipated outcomes a student can expect to achieve while in attendance.

Those who decide to participate for the next week will be walked through a mock-version of the actual process to better prepare for what’s expected the following Thursday.

Afterward, students are welcomed into enlightenment, the meditation process begins. Those who settled on the notion of bringing a pillow to use while seated for the next 30 minutes sit on their belongings with a heightened sense of comfort in near silence. The intention of the exercise is to teach students to quiet the mind and hone the ability for resting the brain through the development of focus methods.

Training the brain to focus on one thought at a time can be a different experience from allowing the ambiguous freedoms of the conscious mind to act as a daily compass. Croskey invites students to train their minds and welcomes all who are interested in elevating the senses to make the journey to Becht’s fourth floor ascension and see for themselves what the Room 411 mediation has to offer.

A new mindfulness period will be hosted Thursday, Oct. 1 near Eagle Commons and across the Carlson Library facade. If your schedule prevents you from being a part of this week’s meditative meeting, there are additional dates posted on the university website at

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