Clarion student creates logo for colorful ALF festivities

Clarion, Pa.- Fried food stands and carnival rides have begun to line the streets of Clarion, which can only mean that it is the Autumn Leaf Festival again. The 62nd ALF is here, and as such it stands unique with a theme all its own. Last year residents experienced a safari, but now it is time for “Clarion: A Canvas of Color.”

This year’s logo was designed by Clarion University student Katie Ellinger. Ellinger found out about the contest last year in her ART 451 class with Professor Jim Rose. She had to make the logo for his class and later watched on the Clarion Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page as the likes for her logo rose.

The colors of this year’s theme are black, gold and magenta. The black and gold represent the U.S. Army, which is sponsoring this year’s ALF events. The magenta color was an idea from another student, Laura Stiner, and with that, the logo was created.

“It was a community effort,” said Ellinger as she did have help from Stiner with the creation of the logo.

The logo itself will be used all over ALF this coming weekend. It will be engraved onto banners, mugs, shirts and more.

“The logo colors and the theme have an underlying tone each year, and I really feel like ‘A Canvas of Color’ is a fantastic theme for Clarion, and I believe that my paintbrush logo relays that theme,” said Ellinger.

Even though the logo will be splattered all over Clarion in the coming days, few may know who its creator is.

“I’ve seen it everywhere I’ve expected to; being a graphic artist to me is seeing artwork I’ve made and feeling good about it, but that doesn’t mean anyone else knows I’ve created it. It’s kind of like a best-kept secret,” said Ellinger.

ALF’s major attractions will be taking place this weekend with Clarion University’s Media Day on Thursday, Crafter’s Day on Friday and the parade and Clarion University homecoming football game on Saturday.

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