New business sets up shop in 7-Eleven vacancy

Clarion, Pa.- Clarion will be getting a new business soon, as a new mini-mart is in the works of being built in the spot where 7-Eleven once stood. The mini-mart announcement comes to the joy of students at Clarion University who were sad to see the 7-Eleven close during last school year.

Yasir Bhatti, owner and a Clarion local, along with his family own five other convenience stores across Pennsylvania, ranging from close-by in Knox to the Altoona area.

Students at the university are excited to have something fill that empty spot and are delighted to have something convenient nearby.

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The University Korner is a new store that will debut in the place of the old 7-Eleven.

“I personally hope that University Korner is successful in fulfilling the void that was left by 7-Eleven last year,” said William White, a senior at Clarion. “It’s going to be a great convenience for students on campus who need to make a quick trip for essentials compared to making the trek to Walmart, CVS or somewhere outside of Clarion,” he said.

The store is set to open during the first week of October, correlating with Autumn Leaf Festival activities. Bhatti spoke to about the store and how it will be much different from the 7-Eleven.

Bhatti said the store will be more up-to-date and modern with a color scheme of red and black, much different from the older, chain feeling of the 7-Eleven before it. The store itself is going to be called “University Korner” which is centering itself on the college town community.

Bhatti wants to open this convenience store to show that mom-and-pop stores can still be successful, and chain stores are not always what a town needs.

“We see Sheetz, and we see big, big names, so I think it’s about time people see people with just regular neighborhood people doing business, and I think they’ll like it,” said Bhatti.

As for right now, it will just be a convenience store, but Bhatti hopes to add a gas station within the year.

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