Top Fantasy Football sleepers of 2015?

With week one of the NFL season in the books, fans of every team are thinking one of two things; they are either thinking their team is going all the way, or that their team isn’t going to win a game.

As true as this seems for fans of NFL teams, this proves even more evident to the owners of Fantasy Football teams.

Fantasy Football is arguably the most popular game in our country.

People dish out money just to have the chance to compete against some of their closest friends (or enemies) for bragging rights and ultimately the chance to call themselves league champions.

As I said before, after week one, most owners are either feeling good about their team or they are ready to jump ship.

If you are one of those owners who are ready to jump ship, and you are convened that your team won’t win a game this fantasy season, I have some sleepers that may be on waivers in your league that could provide a big impact on your team.

The first sleeper that I have for you is the running back for the highly dysfunctional New York Jets.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, but Chris Ivory already proved himself to be a legitimate Fantasy Football sleeper with his week one performance against the Cleveland Browns.

Again, I know what you are thinking, but in all honesty, the Browns defense is quite a bit above average.

Ivory torched the Browns with 91 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

The only thing that worries me with Ivory is that the Jets do not have a good  quarterback to throw the ball to the receivers.

With Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback in the rugged AFC East, most of the pressure is going to be on Ivory and the running game.

On the other side of the spectrum, that means Ivory is going to get a lot of touches.

The second sleeper I am looking at is another running back.

Ameer Abdullah lit up the scoreboard in Lincoln, Nebraska when he played for the Cornhuskers.

I feel that he is going to do the same thing at Ford Field while playing for the Detroit Lions.NFL

Abdullah proved himself well in the preseason.

In week one, Abdullah had 50 yards rushing on seven carries.

He did not get many touches, but as you can see, he made the most of when he did touch the ball.

For the last of my three sleepers, I am going to shift to wide receiver.

James Jones signed back with the Green Bay Packers just last week.

In his first game back with the Packers, he caught two touchdown passes.

He is clearly Aaron Rodgers favorite target when it comes to the red zone.

In 2012, in the same system that Jones is in now, he caught 14 touchdown passes from Rodgers.

Jones is going to be an integral part of Green Bay’s offense and his role is only going to increase as the season goes on.

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