Suites on Main host grand opening ceremony

Clarion, Pa.- The Suites on Main held its grand opening on Sept. 10 for Clarion campus and community members. The event featured tours, a presentation and a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The new living option is a Clarion Foundation Inc. property managed by Clarion University.

“It gave the community members the opportunity to see what’s been happening for the past 16 months,” said Director of Auxiliary Services G. Chad Thomas.

Clarion senior, English major and community assistant Hannah Gloeckl said she and other CAs were “consistently busy” giving tours from 1 to 5 p.m.

“It seemed like a lot of the university and Clarion community came through on tours and to enjoy the grand opening,” Gloeckl said.

The CAs showed interested individuals parts of the buildings including the private and semi-private living spaces, the laundry and trash rooms on each floor and the view from the fourth floor lounge windows.

“Those who went on tours had the opportunities to speak with the students living in the hall,” Gloeckl added.

There was a presentation at 2 p.m. in the Suites’ movie theater.

Speakers included President of Clarion University Foundation Inc. Jane France, Clarion University President Karen Whitney, Chairman of the Clarion Students’ Association Tyler Kitzmiller, USDA RD-RBS Projects Coordinator Aaron Morris, Chair of Clarion County Commissioners Wayne Brosius and Clarion Borough Mayor J. David Walters.

The celebration of the new Suites on Main is cemented in formality with a ribbon cutting.
The celebration of the new Suites on Main is cemented in formality with a ribbon cutting.

“You couldn’t ask for a better day in the community of Clarion,” Mayor Walters said when he pointed out the grand opening fell on Founder’s Day.

He said he felt the addition of the Suites on Main is a “tremendous thing” of moving forward. “If you’re not moving forward, you’re going backward,” Mayor Walters said.

President Whitney later added, “It’s a place that will inspire our students. It will inspire them to attend Clarion and to learn and succeed and graduate.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the North entrance followed the presentation. Ribbon-cutting participants included the speakers and Clarion University Vice President Susanne Fenske, Representative Donna Oberlander, Congressman Glenn Thompson’s Senior Field Representative Joe Fadden, EDR Vice President Joshua Wilson, architect Rich DeYoung, Mike Peters of Mistick Construction, Raymond James Managing Director Gavin Murrey and Executive CCEDC/CCIDA Director Jamie Lefevre.

Eagle Ambassador President Morgan Woodin said she liked the formality of the event and being able to see student-faculty interaction. She added that the new suites has the ultimate purpose of blending the campus and community together “…not only just location-wise, but what you can do with it.”

“It’s an attraction for the community to be a part of the university and the university to be a part of the community,” Woodin said.

Raymond James Managing Director Gavin Murrey said he was impressed with the interaction between the university and the community and added he was pleased with the turnout at the event.

President Whitney added, “I think it was a wonderful celebration of the university and community coming together to celebrate a very exciting new facility that’s going to serve both the university and the community.”

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